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Our Services

In addition to the full scale site work services of clearing, grading and utilities installation, Bell Construction Co., Inc is a preferred contractor for Municipal projects. Whether it is an emergency repair of underground utilities or a major streetscape improvement project, Bell Construction is trusted by numerous local municipalities.


Value Engineering

From the original estimate takeoff to the last task of a project, our staff works with the design engineers / local regulatory agencies / inspectors / sub-contractors to help eliminate excess cost the owners could incur.  We take pride in our ability to diagnose potential issues and are able to bring actionable solutions to the table for our clients. 

Grading & Excavating

We have a modern fleet of equipment capable of mass earthwork or working along tight city streets.  Our GPS or robotically controlled excavators and bulldozers allow for accurate control of a site with the added benefits of efficiency and accountability.


Utilities Installation

Our utility crews have decades of experiences installing all types of water, sewer, and storm drainage pipes in all types of situations.  We are well versed in the installation of new mains or services lines, replacing aging infrastructure, and emergency repairs.

Erosion Control

Erosion control can bring a project to a halt if not well installed and maintained.  Our crews mitigate erosion control issues before they become problems through constant inspection and upkeep.  We maintain positive relationships with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure our sites are in compliance and functioning how they were designed.



Whether the project calls for miles of curb and gutter or a small amount of hand formed sidewalk, we have the capability to handle all types of concrete flat work.  In addition to concrete flat work, we are able to provide project specific poured-in-place headwalls and other unique concrete installations. 

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